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About Salco Tool Supply

Founded in sunny California in 2001, SALCO Tools is the go-to warehouse for everything tools and bits. Our goal is to make quality-made tools accessible to the manufacturing market; from cutting tools to cutting oils, if you need it, SALCO likely has it!

President and founder of SALCO Tools, Scott George, deeply values dependability and good relationships. For those ‘just in case you need it’ moments, we stock endless tools and bits in our own warehouse, readily available so you can keep business going. And to top it off, we personally deliver across most of Southern California! If you can’t make it to our showroom, we’ll bring the tool to you, usually with same-day service.

Thank you for trusting SALCO Tools.

Fast search, on-demand delivery

Why use SALCO Tools?


Faster browsing. Faster search. Faster Checkout. We challenge you to find a website that is easier to use and gives you faster results.


Salco delivers parts with our own trucks, making us a uniquely dependable source for the tools you need in Southern California.

Not exactly sure which part is the best fit? Want to pick up an order yourself? Want to talk machine tooling with the experts? Swing by our showroom and see what makes Salco Tools the source for Southern California.

Stop by and checkout our showroom

1505 East McFadden Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714) 374-7500

Stop by and checkout our showroom.

(714) 374-7500 1505 East McFadden Ave,
Santa Ana, CA 92705